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Zikia 5-in-1 Roll on for pain relief!!

Works better than your regular balm, and smells like your perfume!

With a no-drip applicator, non-greasy, all natural and 100% active components, all packed in an impeccably attractive travel-friendly bottle, why not carry the answer to that everyday-headache or sprains, In Style?

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Hypothyroidism Awareness

Isn't it shocking that 1 out of 10 people suffer from Hypothyroidism!?

And isn't it sad that a patient of hypothyroidism has to rely on medication all thorough life!

We bring to you Zikia's "Thyroid Solution Programme".. to be available soon in the hospital near you.⠀ Stay aware and love your body. IT IS THE ONLY ONE YOU'VE GOT

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Zikia 5 in 1 ROLL ON (Hypnotic)

ZIKIA 5 in 1 Roll-on is engineered through German technology to cater to the needs of a section of the society which is aware of, and understands the need for alternative relief-providing options to the regular synthetic painkillers, smelly and unpleasantly sticky balms that promise pain relief.

Price per unit : ₹ 249 /-
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26th June, 2019: Gujarat: The Indian Medical Association felicitates Zikia BioMeds and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd for its contribution towards recovery from Hypothyroidism with its novel programme, a first of ts kind in India that aims at thyroid gland recovery.