HBE 1000 TB

Strength : 1000 mg

Anemia is a common condition of Nutritional deficiency across all age groups reached epidemic proportions in today’s society and demands urgent attention. HBE 1000 is an all- natural remedy, with Natural Plant based Iron along with Calcined, Purified Iron.

HBE 1000 TB

Component 1: Astercantha longifolia

Has Natural Iron in concentration of 622 microgram /50mg

Phytochemicals Sterols, Lupeol and betulin increase the bone marrow cellularity

Administration increases the number of α-esterase positive cells (1062/4000) in the bone marrow to enhance the proliferation of Erythropoeisis significantly increasing Haemoglobin


Component 2: Glycirrhiza glabra 

Significantly improves the levels of biochemical, hematological, Fe, ferritin, erythropoietin and immunological parameters.

Component 3: Tinospora cordifolia

Active component: Tinosporin

Tinosporin has significant Hepatoprotective activity important for Iron metabolism and also provides sufficient iron for daily requirement thus preventing conditions such as Iron deficiency anaemia.

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Component 4: Calcined Iron

Final active form compound : Fe3O4 (Magnetite) , γ-Fe2O3 (Maghemite): Significant haematinic and haemoglobin regeneration efficiency  acted via specific iron marker genes thereby restoring normalcy in iron-deficient condition.

This calcined Iron is in the Micronised form , for better and faster absorption and free from any Metal toxicity.  

Component 5: Terminalia chebula 

Active components:  Corilagin, Chebulagic acid, and Ellagic acid, form Chelates with Iron to preserve the same in a biocompatible form, thereby increasing the bioavailability of Iron

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Component 6: Emblica officinalis

Active Component:  Ascorbic acid 

Ascorbic acid increases the absorption of Iron in the formation of the complex soluble Iron that is easily absorbed and helps reduce Fe3 to Fe2+ form, that can enter into mucosa cell.

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  1. Apple extract

Rich in both Iron and Ascorbic acid, apple juice concentrate contains 15.67% Iron, and 15% Ascorbic acid is 15 mg per 100 gm. Combination of Iron and  Vitamin C makes Apple extract ideal haematinic. 

  1. Moringa oleifera extract

Iron content in Moringa extract of the average is 19.38 mg/kg of extract, Along with Vitamin C,  increased the level of Hb, RBC count, hematocrit, and Total Fe content in blood. At The Extraction strength of 792 mg/200 g it  improves Red blood cell's Morphology.


  1. No long term side effects

  2. Overdose of medicine may lead to constipation